The Psi Agora

The Psi Agora is an online space opened on the 5th of each month (11am ET) for members of the PA to gather for conversation around a selection of "table" topics. The objective is to replicate, in a virtual platform, some of the social dynamics that happen at conventions or other consciousness-related gatherings, which have helped to nourish innovation and develop international projects. Furthermore, it's an excellent opportunity to learn about what's being researched by your colleagues.

The event is free for members, and hosted in Airmeet, check out this guide for participants. Airmeet works on most modern web browsers, but it is best experienced on a desktop or laptop using a Chrome web browser. If you are not a PA member yet, learn more about each category and the corresponding membership fees here.

Tables hold a maximum of 15 people per topic, so arrive early! Additional tables are also made available for general discussion. If you would like to host a table on a particular topic at this or a future meeting, please contact Ramsés D'León. For this project to become a platform for innovation and discovery, your participation and feedback is needed, so don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Coming Next - Confirmed Table Hosts
Table Host     Table Topic Month
Stanley Krippner Apports Research in Brazil and Elsewhere May '22
Gerhard Mayer Sleep Paralysis and Extraordinary Experiences May '22
Cindy Little Ethical Research Practices May '22
Eli Fennell Towards an Evolutionary Parapsychology June '22
Debra Katz Including Participant's Internalized Experiences in Psi Experiments October '22


Member testimonials:

    "It's great to have an alternative to long webinars which are fine, but can be too one-way."

    "I liked the ability to chat less formally with colleagues about psi topics."

    "What I loved is meeting people interested in the same things I am, from all over the world."


See the list of hosts and topics discussed so far here, and review the articles below for details on the next Psi Agora:

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