The PA hosts a number of events, both online and in person:
The PA Convention is our annual meeting, where the international community comes together to present, discuss and analyze the scientific and scholar study of ESP, mind-matter interaction, and survival. The 2024 PA Convention will take place in Mérida, México. Learn more here:
The Psi Agora is a free, online, members-only space opened on the 5th of each month (11am EST) to gather for conversation around a selection of "table" topics. The objective is to replicate, in a virtual platform, some of the social dynamics that happen at conventions or other consciousness-related gatherings.
The Online Symposia are one-day events focused on specific parapsychological topics and chaired by PA Professional Members; currently these symposia take place quarterly. Abstracts of presented papers, and videos including Q&A, are available for our members.
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