Save the Dates: 2022 PA Symposia

We are please to announce the dates for our 2022 PA symposia. Please mark your calendars: Theories of Psi Chair: Peter Bancel March 26, 2022 This symposium will present different approaches to building a theory of psi, with an emphasis on where we are ... More

Save the Dates: 2022 SSE-PA Online Convention

Save the Dates! This June 23-26, the Parapsychological Association (PA) and the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) will join once more to bring together the most relevant and novel research on parapsychology and edge science in an online ... More

2021 Outstanding Career Award: Marilyn Schlitz

Congratulations to Dr. Marilyn Schlitz , who is one of two individuals selected to receive the PA's  Outstanding Career Award this year. The award recognizes sustained (20 years or more) research or service contributions that have advanced ... More
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