2019 Outstanding Contribution Award Winner: Massimo Biondi

The winner of the 2019 PA Outstanding Contribution Award is Massimo Biondi . This yearly award is given to a PA Professional or Associate Member who has made an outstanding research or service contribution that has advanced the discipline of ... More

2019 Charles Honorton Integrative Contributions Award Winners: Caroline Watt & Jim Kennedy

The winners of the Parapsychological Association's 2019 Charles Honorton Integrative Contributions Award  are Caroline Watt & Jim Kennedy. This annual award honors members who have made significant research contributions that integrate ... More

2019 PA Convention Abstracts of Presented Papers

Download the Abstracts from the PA server Abstracts of Presented Papers: 62nd Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association by The Parapsychological Association on Scribd More
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