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Carol Geiler

Location: Decatur, Illinois, United States of America

About Me

In 2008, at the age of 44, I experienced an unexpected spiritual emergence (Exceptional Experience) that involved various psi-based experiences including after-death communications and channeled information. These experiences frightened yet intrigued me, placing me on a unique journey to discover if what I was experiencing was real, self-delusion, or mental illness. Looking for answers, I thrust myself into the North Seattle psychic community and joined an active paranormal group. When I began to see the lack of objectivity within these communities and started to question certain ideologies, I found myself turning to parapsychology for a broader education.

First and foremost I consider myself a psychic practitioner: However, I have also taken numerous classes with the Rhine and am a supporting member of the Rhine, the PA, the SPR, & IONS. I do my best to stay up-to-date on the open publications, to read, explore, and attend lectures and events as often as possible. I believe that it is important that parapsychology understands the nature of psi as it exists in experients, but also that experients & practitioners must begin to embrace parapsychology. In my opinion, without this relationship, the normalization of psi is dampened.

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