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Location: RILLIEUX-LA-PAPE, Rhone, France

About Me

Since teenage, I was very interested by Physics and Paranormal phenomena. I was lucky to experience one Poltergeist phenomenon, and did some research around the case (as the rapping sound signature). In 2014, following some training with JP Girard, I was driven to telekinesis experiments using psi wheel as target. Then I discovered the LAPDC (founded by David JAMET in 2012) which presented a group of people interested to experiment telekinesis with a scientific approach. As mechanical and electrical engineer, with a PhD in information processing and a big interest around Tele/Psycho kinesis I thought it was the place to be!

So I joined the LAPDC  end of 2014 in parallel of my current job. The main focus at that stage was to be able to measure the air flow speed around a spinning mobile (as a psi wheel) and compare it to the speed of the mobile itself to figure out if the mobile was running because of an aerodynamic effect or not.
We compared different scenarios : with classic ways (eg. airflow generated by pump, body and hand heat simulation), and with PKer (participant practicing Psychokinesis)
We developed a whole measuring process (PIV + Scan-flow-mobile software) in order to modelize and scrutinize the experiment. We also developed some physical modelization of the experiment in order to evaluate forces and energies at work to complement experimental results. For this we analyzed hundreds of videos done by PKer with different targets and performed more than 35 detailed analysis of experiments with the whole measuring process.

Publication/conference/workshop animation in the PK-TK field

Dullin, E. & Jamet, D. (2020). A Portable Bench for Research on Telekinetic Effects on a Spinning Mobile and Experimental Results Obtained with it. Journal of Parapsychology (paper accepted and in the publication process)

Dullin, E. & Jamet, D. (2019). Pruebas de macro-pk con objetos ligeros en entornos no confinados (Macro-pk test results on light spinning object in a non-confined environment). E-BOLETIN-PSI Vol.14 No3 Septiembre 2019

Dullin, E. & Jamet, D. (2019,July 7) Animation d’un atelier : tester la télékinésie (Workshop animation : test the telekinesis). Presentation and workshop animation at the IMI (Institut Metapsychique International ) centenary, Paris

Dullin, E. & Jamet, D. (2019, July 6). A transportable bench to research on telekinetic effects on a spinning mobile - new results with a high signal-to-noise ratio? Paper presented at the 62nd Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association, Paris

Dullin, E. & Jamet, D. (2018). A methodology proposal for conducting macro-pk test on light spinning objects in a non-confined environment, Journal of Scientific Exploration 32(3): 514–554. doi: 10.31275/2018.1266.

Dullin, E. & Jamet, D. (2017, September 3). Telekinesis or aerodynamic/thermal effects? Paper presented at the 41st International SPR Conference, London

Dullin, E. & Jamet, D. (2017, July 23). Scientific evidence of telekinetic effects on a spinning mobile - A scientific attempt to detect and study telekinetic effects even in a non-confined environment. Paper presented at the 60th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association, Athens.

Dullin, E. & Gaudiez, B. (2017). Témoignage : nous avons vécu un Poltergeist (testimonial : we experienced a poltergeist). Métapsychique 1:118-121

Dullin, E. & Jamet, D. (2017). Du moteur à fluide à la PK sur le net (From the bioforce motor to the PK on the Internet), Métapsychique 1:76-85.



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