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Walter von Lucadou

Location: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

About Me

Walter von Lucadou holds a Sc.D. in physics and a Ph.D. in psychology. He is Germany’s most famous parapsychologist and has been involved in more than 900 television and broadcasting interviews and discussions about anomalies research across Europe. Further, on many occasions, he has presented lectures and has held seminars for the public (more than 1700). In 1989 he founded the Parapsychological Consultancy in Freiburg in Germany, which is supported by the federal government of Baden-Württemberg. With about 3000 inquiries each year, von Lucadou and his colleagues help people who report problems with spontaneous paranormal and religious experiences. The consultancy helps to clarify psychical techniques and offers of the so-called "psycho and esoteric market". Further, education of teachers, medical doctors, psychologist, psychotherapists and laymen, in relation to parapsychological findings, is also available through the consultancy.

Primarily, however, von Lucadou is involved with experimental and theoretical research. He has published more than 200 scientific and popular articles and 12 books about physics, psychology, system theory, and parapsychology. He developed, together with Klaus Kornwachs, the “Model of Pragmatic Information (MPI)” and has been actively conducting Psychokinesis experiments.

Below you can find the link to Walter von Lucadou’s consultancy website (in German):

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