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Yana Greenberg

Location: San Diego, California, United States of America

About Me

About Doctor Yana
Dr. Yana Greenberg is a multidisciplinary transpersonal, parapsychology expert, who is focused on unraveling the mysteries of the unconscious and uncharted territories of human science entwined with the mystical. Determined to bridge the gap between the known and unexplained, she works with people to facilitate an understanding of self while navigating the intricacies of everyday life. With purpose, she founded the Dr. Greenberg Consulting firm, located in San Diego, CA. In the midst of helping others in her private practice, Doctor Yana utilizes her refined skills as a Paranormal expert and researcher to develop content for two radio shows she hosts live: Be Honest with Doctor Yana and Science and the ParaNORMAL. Beyond research, from personal relationships, psychic phenomena to ancient mythologies, Doctor Yana is a seer with extrasensory perception, and a passionate speaker on human relationships, and psychic phenomena afoot in supernatural occurrences.

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