Sunday, July 15, 2018   3:46 PM

Convention Spotlight: Exploring Apparitional Experiences

At the fast approaching 61st PA convention, held at IONS, CA, Christine Simmonds-Moore from the University of West Georgia, Carrollton, USA and Chase O’Gwin of Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, USA will update us on their ongoing investigation to explore the psychology of subjective apparitional experiences. An online survey investigation, using Qualtrics, was administered with a series of questions carefully worded to separate out the tendency to experience, from the tendency to consider the experiences, as paranormal. Questions were crafted to ask about ways of experiencing and the nature of the experiences. Individual difference measures included a measure of creativity, synesthetic experiences, locus of control, the revised Transliminality scale, Hartmann’s BQ, a measure of hyperaesthesia and two measures of body awareness. What will be the dominant correlates and nature of subjective apparitional experiences?

Join us at the 61st Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association to join the discussion. This is expected to be a sold out event, so don't delay - register today.

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