Tuesday, March 12, 2013   1:27 PM

2014 AAAS Annual Meeting - Call for Symposium Proposals

As an affiliated organization of the American Association for the Advancement of Science(AAAS), the Parapsychological Association invites you to review  the call for symposium proposals for the 2014 AAAS meeting in Chicago.

The annual meeting of AAAS attracts approximately 5,000 attendees who present cutting-edge research that has implications for science and technology, public policy, and education. A large cadre of science reporters also attend and highlight the presentations in the press. The meeting will be held in Chicago on February 13–17, 2014. Each section of AAAS attempts to attract submissions of symposia (three to five presenters ) on "hot topics" in the field.

We encourage PA members to review the call and submit symposium proposals by April 23 at the AAAS website.



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