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Friday, January 18, 2019   4:34 PM

The Global Consciousness Project with Roger D. Nelson

Roger D. Nelson, PhD, is the director of the Global Consciousness Project, an international, multi-laboratory collaboration founded in 1997 which aimed to study collective consciousness. From 1980 to 2002, he was Coordinator of Research at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory at Princeton University. His website is

Here he describes, in detail, a variety of experimental protocols involving "true" random event generators (REGs). Early work involved having the experimental subjects (called "operators") intentionally try to influences the REGs in one of two directions. Statistically significant deviations from chance were recorded. Later work involved "field REGs" in which small devices were brought to various locations at which the researchers anticipated some form of coherent group consciousness -- such as a concert. This proved to be even more statistically significant. Eventually, the Global Consciousness Project was established. It collected continuous data from numerous REGs at different locations throughout the world. Over 500 different events were tested to see if deviations from chance expectation would occur. The overall results were highly significant.

(Recorded on December 19, 2018)

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