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Tuesday, August 28, 2018   7:16 PM

Reverse Causation

Jeffrey Mishlove describes a series of research studies in parapsychology that demonstrate causal influences from the future upon both human physiology and behavior. This work has now been widely replicated. Meta-analyses show that the combined results greatly exceed chance expectation. As is generally true of parapsychology, the studies employed rigorous methodologies.

Sunday, August 26, 2018   4:33 PM

Toward a New Science of Consciousness

Jeffrey Mishlove shares his excitement about new ideas for a science of consciousness developed by his former professor, Dr. Charles Tart, and presented recently in a lecture to the Parapsychological Association. One suggestion is that remote viewing could be systematically applied to the direct observation of the inner conscious experience of another individual. Another suggestion calls for the rigorous exploration of locales described by Robert Monroe, author of Journeys Out of the Body.

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