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Thursday, May 25, 2017   4:25 PM

The Matrix of Life, A Conversation With Stephan A. Schwartz

Stephan A. Schwartz is a Distinguished Consulting Faculty of Saybrook University. He is the columnist for the journal Explore, and editor of the daily web publication in both of which he covers trends that are affecting the future. His other academic and research appointments include: Senior Fellow for Brain, Mind and Healing of the Samueli Institute; founder and Research Director of the Mobius laboratory. Government appointments include Special Assistant for Research and Analysis to the Chief of Naval Operations. Schwartz was the principal researcher studying the use of Remote Viewing in archaeology. Using Remote Viewing he discovered Cleopatra’s Palace, Marc Antony’s Timonium, ruins of the Lighthouse of Pharos, and sunken ships along the California coast, and in the Bahamas. He is the author of more than 130 technical reports and papers. He has written The Secret Vaults of Time, The Alexandria Project, Mind Rover, Opening to the Infinite, and The 8 Laws of Change.

Here he points out that all life on Planet Earth is connected and interdependent. Life can be found miles beneath the surface and also miles above it. The belief that humans have “dominion” over this vast matrix is erroneous. However, we do have the capacity to be disruptive. Schwartz goes into some detail analyzing the ways in which human behavior can either promote well-being and be life-affirming, or conversely can be damaging to the entire ecosystem.

New Thinking Allowed host, Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, is author of The Roots of Consciousness, Psi Development Systems, and The PK Man. Between 1986 and 2002 he hosted and co-produced the original Thinking Allowed public television series. 

(Recorded on February 4, 2017)

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