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Mark Crewson

Location: Newcastle, Washington, United States of America

About Me

Mark Crewson has been interested in, studying and exploring consciousness for nearly 30 years. During that time, his thirst for answers to life's deepest questions has led him to explore various types of New Age and Pagan spirituality and, most recently, Parapsychology. After a psychic reading in the summer of 2016, he followed the suggestion to check into the Monroe Institute (TMI) as a way to "find out that which the soul discovers after death, but to do so, now". After reading through Bob Monroe's three books that detailed his life-long exploration of human consciousness, Mark signed up and attended the Monroe Institute's Gateway Voyage program in December of 2016. Since then, he has attended several more programs at the Monroe Institute as well as the Forever Family Foundation's 2018 Winter Grief Retreat. In January 2017, he was a founding member of the TMI Tacoma Local Chapter. Shortly thereafter, based on his history of volunteer group leadership and his vocation as an IT program manager, he was invited to join the Local Chapter Network Leadership Council.

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