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Joyce Anastasia

Location: Mill Valley, CA, United States of America

About Me

3 near-death experiences woke her up to the realization
that she had a responsibility to share her gifts with the
She launched ‘Second Sight’ - an intuitive consultancy
offering psychic readings and ‘Soul Prints’ - a
psychotherapeutic counseling practice that combined
concrete practical and creative spiritual work.
Realizing that the world of leadership was focused on
mind but lacking in heart and soul she launched ‘Lead By
Wisdom’ where she helps entrepreneurs and conscious
leaders identify their greatest visions, insights, and divine
gifts, to learn the most effective tools to navigate the
current challenges and leverage their most significant
heart-based manifestation.
A miraculous experience propelled her to write her book
‘Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times -
the 7 Vital Keys that Inspire Transformation From the
Inside Out.’
Obtaining two Masters Degrees in Counseling Psychology
and Multicultural Arts, as well as her current Ph.D/Doctorate
in Quantum Natural Medicine with a specialty in parapsychology,
Joyce is on a mission to help humanity to reach their highest
potential through ethical leadership, psi research, and global
healing from the seen and unseen realms. 

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