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Justin Belko

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States of America

About Me

Justin Belko is passionate about understanding the human conscious experience. From non-normative states of consciousness to the qualia of neurodivergent individuals, Justin seeks to better understand life’s metaphysical phenomena.

Justin has an academic background in public health and psychology, with multidisciplinary coursework ranging from human anatomy to philosophy of consciousness. In the near future, Justin hopes to pursue a graduate-level program in cognitive science or neuroscience. His goal is to use his education to bridge gaps and facilitate collaboration between neuroscience and transpersonal psychology, to investigate the neural correlates of the conscious experience and various parapsychological phenomena. He endeavors to disseminate relevant findings through evidence-based writing focused on spreading awareness and education.

In his free time, Justin is passionate about exploring physical and mental well-being through a holistic and integrative lens. Justin enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, and exercising at the gym. Healthy living is a priority for him, and you can often find him in the kitchen cooking or learning new recipes.

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