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Do you have an active interest in parapsychology? If so, consider joining the Parapsychological Association (PA). Membership in the PA supports the scientific study of psi (or ‘psychic’) experiences and provides access to unique resources for ... More
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2024 JB Rhine Speaker & Banquet Menu

Last Updated: Saturday, May 11, 2024
JB Rhine Banquet Speaker PhD Nuria Ciofalo Indigenous Psychologies from Cem Anahuac (Mesoamerica)   Summary: Indigenous psychologies are informed by their cosmovisions, philosophies, religions, spiritual traditions, and onto-epistemologies. This ... More

2024 Post-Convention Beach Trip to Celestún

Last Updated: Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Location - Poseidon Restaurant Join us for an unforgettable beach trip to Celestún , a unique gathering that caps off the 66th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association . This event offers a chance to relax and soak in the stunning ... More

2024 PA Convention Travel & Accommodations

Last Updated: Friday, May 17, 2024
Meeting Site Location Address:   Hotel NH Collection Mérida Paseo Montejo : C. 60 346, Zona Paseo Montejo, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yucatán. Locate the venue by searching "Hotel NH Collection Mérida Paseo ... More

2024 PA Convention Call for Submissions

Last Updated: Friday, January 5, 2024
Submit your work to be presented in-person August 22-25, 2024 in Mérida, México. February 15th is the deadline. More

2023-2024 PA Board of Directors

Last Updated: Monday, September 4, 2023
2023-2024 PA Board of Directors President  Everton de Oliveira Maraldi Vice President   Gerhard Mayer Secretary John Kruth Treasurer Erika Pratte Directors Renaud Evrard   James Houran   Adrian Parker   Helané Wahbeh ... More

2023 PA Book Award Winner - The Mind at Large: Clairvoyance, Psychics, Police and Life After Death (A Polish Perspective)

Congratulations are in order for Zofia Weaver and Krzysztof Janoszka for their outstanding work on T he Mind at Large: Clairvoyance, Psychics, Police and Life After Death (A Polish Perspective) . The Mind at Large provides a case for how psi can be ... More

2023 Outstanding Career Award: Dean Radin

Last Updated: Saturday, August 19, 2023
Congratulations to Dean Radin , who has been selected to receive the receive the PA's  Outstanding Career Award this year. The award recognizes sustained (20 years or more) research or service contributions that have advanced the ... More

2023 Outstanding Mentorship Award: Harvey Irwin

Congratulations to retired Prof. Harvey Irwin , who has been selected to receive the PA’s 2023 Outstanding Mentor Award. This award goes to a PA member whose mentorship activities have advanced the discipline of parapsychology. Harvey Irwin is ... More

2023 Charles Honorton Integrative Contributions Award Winner: Markus A. Maier

The winner of the Parapsychological Association’s 2023 Charles Honorton Integrative Contributions Award is Markus A. Maier . This annual award honors members who have made significant research contributions that integrate parapsychology and ... More

2023 Student Travel Fund Awardee: Taylor N. Robinson

Last Updated: Friday, July 28, 2023
The Parapsychological Association is pleased to announce an awardee of this year's Robert L. Morris Student Travel Fund: Taylor N. Robinson Taylor N. Robinson is a graduate student in the psychology department at the University of West Georgia and a ... More

2023 Abstracts of Presented Papers

Download from the PA Sever More

2023 Outstanding Contribution Award: Michael Nahm

Last Updated: Sunday, August 6, 2023
Congratulations to Dr. Michael Nahm , who has been selected to receive the PA’s 2023 Outstanding Contribution Award . This award goes to a PA member who has made an outstanding research (experimental, theoretical, scholarly) or service contribution ... More

Inviting Proposals for the 2024 PA Convention

The Board of Directors of the Parapsychological Association is considering meeting sites for the PA's 2024 annual convention, and inviting proposals from PA members in  North America  who would be interested in hosting. If you have ... More

PA Student Committee

2022-2023 PA Student Committee Chair                         Yuan Jin Student Committee Members     Nina Faull   Tabatha Smith   Stephanie Witechowsky   If you ... More

Mindfield Bulletin 2023 Call for Submissions

2023 Mindfield Call for Submissions by The Parapsychological Association on Scribd More
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