Applications for PARE grants should provide clear information relating to each of the points listed below, which are detailed in the PARE template. Applicants should be aware that the Research Grants Committee will be looking specifically for evidence that each of the following matters has been duly addressed.

I. Executive Summary

    1. Principle Investigator
        a. Name/DOB/affiliation details 
     2. Research Project Details   
        a. Title/Project duration/Total amount requested/Location of research     
    3. Research Grant         
        a. PARE/Gilbert Roller Fund
    4. Principle Investigator CV
        a. CV including maximum of 10 relevant publications
    5. Project Team
        a. Details of project team if relevant

II. Research Project Details

    1. Project Title (max 100 words)
    2. Description and Objectives of the Research Project (max 4000 words)
        a. A brief background/summary of the relevant literature providing a clear link proposed research with a clear statement of the hypothesis or other focus of the work.
    3. Methodology
        a. A concise description of methodology which should include information on participants/materials/design/procedure and use of pre-registration and/or open data sharing.
    4. References (max of 10 most representative)
    5. Why this project should be funded (max 1000 words)
        a. A short statement outlining how the parapsychological literature/field of parapsychology would be advanced by the successful completion of the project
    6. Schedule of Project
        a. An expected time-line for the execution of the project
    7. Project Budget
        a. A detailed list of the resources needed for the project, together with an itemised budget
    8. End of Grant Report
        a. Information relating to the ‘End of Grant Report
    9. Signature of Principle Investigator
        a. Signature/date