Nicola Holt proposed to extend and improve her PDA based ESP study, which is intended to develop methods for natural environment research. She was granted funds to help defray expenses for the project, “Developing experience-sampling methodology to explore psi in ‘every-day life’ ”.

Richard Knowles applied for funds to acquire equipment needed for his ongoing OBE studies and was granted part of his request in recognition of his strong commitment. His project is called, “Induction, Correlation, and Validation of the Out-of-Body Experience”

David Luke also was partially funded in his proposal to defray expenses in his study of “Luck Beliefs and Psi-Mediated Instrumental Response (PMIR)”.

Devin Terhune and Annalisa Ventola received full funding of a modest proposal for support of their project, "Evaluating photographic anomalies: Examining the roles of photographic expertise, context, paranormal belief, and tolerance of ambiguity”. It is Devin's second award, and it supports a continuation and extension of last year's work.