Join us on Saturday, May 15, 2021 (9:00am - 3:00pm EDT) in an online symposium chaired by PA Board Director Peter Mulacz at The PA community will explore various topics relating to mind-matter interaction research, mostly in the context of studying rare, specifically gifted individuals.

About the Symposium

While the well-known mind-body problem addresses the relation of one’s mind to one’s own physical body, parapsychology extends beyond this boundary to address the relation of one’s mind to other minds (e.g. telepathy) and to objects other than the own body, be it inanimate matter (e.g. psychokinesis, telekinesis) or other organisms (e.g. DMILS). This symposium focuses on these paranormal interactions traditionally interpreted as “mind over matter” or by others - more progressively - as “entanglement correlations”. Many - if not all - the cases here presented occurred in the context of studying rare, specifically gifted participants. The symposium begins with a general overview, focuses in on various relevant case studies over multiple speakers, and concludes with a philosophical outlook informed by the results of research in micro-psychokinesis.

A virtual social lounge will be open 30 minutes prior, during breaks, and 30 minutes post-event so that attendees may connect via unstructured small group discussion around its "tables". Other networking options will be presented at the lunch/dinner break.

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