The 60th Anniversary Year Archive Project is making progress because of our generous donors and the following sponsors:

Richard M. Adams
Daryl J. Bem
Lorraine Boothby
Marlene Craig
Mark Crewson
Eric Dullin
Robert S. Gebelein
Gail Hayssen
Institute of Applied Consciousness Technologies
Katherine Peil Kauffman
Jon Mannsåker
Lila Massoumi
Brandon Massullo
Julia Mossbridge
Roger and Lefty Nelson
Dean Radin
Richard Reichbart
Wlliam J. Seefeldt
Robert Stek
John Streiff
Jessica Utts
Windbridge Institute, LLC

Our fundraising campaign is still ongoing. Visit our Crowdrise to contribute.   Your contribution will go toward making 60 years worth of parapsychological research - tens of thousands of pages - publicly available for the first time.