Join us on August 28-29, 2021 in an online symposium chaired by Everton Maraldi at Airmeet. This symposium will gather researchers from different disciplines to reflect on the many relations between parapsychology, religion, and spirituality, and their implications for an understanding of the past, present, and future of psi research. This interdisciplinary and interactive space will allow for a rich dialogue between these different research fields.

Frederic Myers stated that the chief purpose of psychical research was “to prove the preamble of all religions”. J.B. Rhine, in his turn, argued that “parapsychology has in a real sense confirmed the spiritual (i.e., extra-physical) nature of man”. Many theologians and religious studies scholars have also recognized the profound interconnection between parapsychology and the study of religion. Curiously enough, few studies have investigated the relationship between psi and religious or spiritual variables. The study of the relations between these two fields does not feature as a prominent aspect of contemporary psi research.

Some parapsychologists might see such topics as problematic, perhaps because of criticisms raised by skeptics that parapsychology is a spiritual movement (rather than a science), or because of their own views regarding the relevance of spiritual or religious issues in experimental investigation. However, one can hardly deny the influence (even if only implicit) of different spiritual traditions over the history of parapsychology including Christianity, Spiritualism, Eastern mysticism (particularly Indian philosophical traditions), shamanistic practices, esoteric and psychedelic religions.

This symposium will be a highly interactive event. Please plan to attend with your microphone and video so that you may engage with the speakers and fellow attendees. Attendees will have the opportunity to network during periods throughout the symposia in our "social lounge". Airmeet is best experienced on a desktop or laptop computer using Chrome.  

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