Dear PA Members,

As many of you may have seen coming, the upcoming SSE/PA joint convention in Durham has been postponed. There are too many unknown factors that could compromise the quality of this meeting. The safety of our attendees, speakers, volunteers, and staff is of the highest priority. After much effort to avoid this outcome, and much regret for those who put a lot of work into organizing this event, we finally arrived at this decision.

The tentative dates for the postponed convention are June 9-12, 2021, at the same place and with the same program chair. The Hilton Durham near Duke University is looking forward to receiving us, and John Kruth of the Rhine Research Center will look forward to your contributions when we release a new call.

For all of you who expected the usual great interactions that every convention brings, we are considering alternative options to promote current research, stimulate discussion, and encourage community interaction. We welcome your suggestions.

With warm regards,
Renaud EVRARD, PA President