Edited by Gerd H. Hövelmann & Hans Michels, Legitimacy of Unbelief: The Collected Papers of Piet Hein Hoebens a masterpiece of editorial care and circumspection. It is recommended for both people just entering the field and those who are interested in the historical and sociological aspects of controversies of recent European psi research. Given the impoverished state of 'skepticism' of today, Dutch journalist Piet Hein Hoebens' writings remain a prime example of erudition, intellectual flexibility, open-minded criticism.

In many of these essays, Hoebens praises the rigor and carefulness of parapsychologists while taking to task skeptics who are overly zealous and closed-minded. Hoebens provides an interesting view of the community of skeptics and advocates, especially in Europe in the early eighties. Hoebens goes to great pains to show a highly nuanced and complex view of those participating in this debate during this time period. For this reason, the book will likely be a valuable contribution to the history of science, as well as parapsychology.


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