The Mindfield Bulletin is a publication of the Parapsychological Association edited by Renaud Evrard and Annalisa Ventola with art director Nikolaos Koumartzis. It features theoretical, research, and historical articles along with columns by the PA President, news in the field, bibliographies of articles relevant to the study of parapsychology, and articles about researchers and laboratories around the world.

Mindfield welcomes submissions that are lay-friendly and written in plain language, yet are well-referenced, thus appealing to scholars, scientists, and supporters of our field alike. We are actively seeking contributions of articles, news announcements, new books, and references to articles relevant to parapsychology in the journals of various fields.

Contributions may be accepted on any parapsychological topic. However, please find below several topics that will be discussed in upcoming thematic issues:

"Diversity in Parapsychology": The PA is an international professional organization of scientists and scholars, but its membership largely resides in North America and Europe. Might unconscious biases, perhaps fueled by a dominant “Western” perspective, limit our scientific understanding of psi? How can the field further support diversity, gender/racial equality, and those with disabilities? If you find that your perspective should be better known, this is your opportunity. Deadline: September 1, 2020.

“Humoresque: Having Fun with the Paranormal”: Humor is a sign of good health, even for academia, so why not enjoy this freedom in a Mindfield issue? This is an opportunity to share your humorous tales, but also a space to reflect about how humor has been used to mock the field of parapsychology and its proponents, or to integrate the paranormal as an inoffensive subject in various cultures. Deadline: TBD.

"Studying Parapsychology and Anomalistic Psychology": There are now a lot of educational opportunities in parapsychology and anomalistic psychology, exemplified by Harvey Irwin’s great book Education in Parapsychology (2013). This Mindfield issue we develop the “student perspective” on the benefits and caveats of their own educational journeys. Is the field of parapsychology genuinely transdisciplinary? How does one deal with on-going scientific controversies? How much of this learning should be practical? Descriptions from all over the world are welcomed. Deadline: TBD.

Paper Guidelines:

• We welcome papers on any parapsychological topic through next two years (2021). Thematic issues with a TBD deadline will be published when enough papers are collected on one topic.

• The size of the articles should be between 850 and 2350 words, plus references (APA style).

• Please review the PA Publication Style Guide for more specifications and guidance.

• Inquiries can be sent to

News Announcements:

• Professional and Associate PA members are invited to submit announcements about upcoming events, lectures or conferences, new appointments, calls for study participants, and/or current media links describing their work.

• Forward your announcements to for both potential inclusion in Mindfield and/or the PA’s social media outlets.

Books Received:

• Soon-to-be published books and books published within the last two years may be sent to: Parapsychological Association, PO Box 14884, Columbus, Ohio 43214 USA.

• Books appropriate for our audience will be included in the “Books Received” column with a few words of summary/review.

Articles Relevant to Parapsychology:

• PA members are invited to forward articles relevant to parapsychology in the journals of various fields to or

• Preprints and articles that have not yet appeared in electronic journals will not be included.
Download:  2019-2021 Mindfield Call for Submissions