The Digital Revolution has transformed how scientists and scholars exchange ideas, but it has not reduced the value of convening in person. New members often join the PA in the hopes of finding additional opportunities for research, study and networking, but our annual convention usually brings together just one-quarter of our membership in any given year. Regional PA groups that used to be in existence, such as the Euro PA or the Southeast Regional PA (SERPA), have not met for some time.

The PA is encouraging its members to organize on a local/regional level in the hopes of stimulating research and creating more networking opportunities for members and students. Meeting ideas include hosting small, informal gatherings to discuss the latest issue of the Journal of Parapsychology or Mindfield, forming book clubs, or inviting a PA member in your area to speak. Groups with access to larger meeting spaces might consider hosting study days or regional conventions.

To maintain an affiliation with the PA, local/regional groups are asked to:

  • Form a group leadership comprised of PA members - including at least one professional member.
  • Commit to support the PA’s mission, aspire to its ethical and professional standards, encourage PA membership among its constituency, and promote attendance at the PA’s annual convention.
  • Appoint a professional member to update the PA event calendar with events, copy on important announcements, and provide an annual report of the group’s activities to the PA President ( on or around June 30th of each year so that it may be shared at the annual convention.

Local/regional groups will be responsible for organizing and funding their own events, but as a parent organization, the PA will assist with IT needs and event promotion. Feel free to contact Executive Director Annalisa Ventola for assistance with establishing your group.