The results of the 2016 PA Election are in. Much thanks to everyone who ran for election, and congratulations to our elected PA Vice President, Board Directors, and Student Representative (names in bold below). 

Vice Presidential Election:
Wim Kramer*
Edwin May
Renaud Evrard
(a tie was resolved by mutual agreement among the candidates)

Board of Directors Election:
Christine Simmonds-Moore*
Renaud Evrard*
Wim Kramer**
Edwin May*
Peter Mulacz*

Sally Ann Drucker
Glenn Hitchman
Everton Maraldi

Student Representative Election:
Chris Cody*
Michael Tremmel

* Those elected are indicated by an asterisk.
** Wim Kramer was also elected to be a general board member. Since he will serve as the VP, a 4th Board member was selected.