Ojos Invisibles: La Cruzada por la Conquista del Espiritu (Invisible Eyes: The Crusade for the Conquest of the Spirit) is a collection of high quality essays about various parapsychological topics. Most of the essays are new, although some are expanded from previous publications. Some of the topics covered are ESP in the ganzfeld, synesthesia and ESP, presentiment work, veridical OBEs, past lives, mediumship, table phenomena, poltergeists, and clinical issues.

Edited by PA Past President Alejandro Parra,  contributors come from many countries and give an unusual sampling of high-level work that extends beyond the English-speaking regions of parapsychology. In alphabetical order, they are Carlos Alvarado, Juan Carlos Argibay, Fabio Da Silva, Renaud Evrard, Juan Gimeno, Daniel Gomez Montanelli, Oscar Iborra, Stanley Krippner, David Luke, Fátima Machado, Alfonso Martinez Taboas, Everton de Oliveira Maraldi, Jose Miguel Perez Navarro, Christine Simmonds-Moore, Patrizio Tressoldi & Wellington Zangari.

The essays cover much of the mainstream parapsychological literature in a serious and responsible way, and it is up-to-date. This makes it unique in the Spanish language psi book market. It is the type of book that makes a unique and lasting contribution to our field.

The Parapsychological Association Book Award was established in 2015 to recognize books in the field of parapsychology that make significant contributions to science and to the cultural conversation about the implications of parapsychology. Visit the PA Book Award site to learn more about the award and previous winners.