The PA Video Gallery has been updated with videos of most of the floor presentations that took place at the 56th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association in Viterbo, Italy. Access to the gallery a benefit of PA membership, and it is necessary to be logged in as a member for the links to work. Much thanks to PA Art Director Nikolaos Koumartzis who videoed and edited these selections.

56th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association
Viterbo, Italy
August 8-11, 2013

Outline of Presentations
(with links to videos)

Friday, August 11th, 2013

Paper Session 1: Theoretical issues
Session Chair: John Palmer

Adrian Parker
Are successful experimenters psychic?

Jon Taylor
The nature of precognition

Antonio Giuditta
The nature and phylogenetic origin of mind

Paper Session 2: Methodological issues
Session Chair: Patrizio Tressoldi

Jan Dalkvist
How to handle expectation bias in presentiment experiments: A  recommendation

Workshop 1: Jessica Utts
Understanding and applying good statistical principles
Session 1: A basic overview of hypothesis testing; How to interpret p-values; How to interpret confidence intervals; What can be learned from confidence intervals that differs from what can be learned from hypothesis tests

Session 2: The meaning of effect size and why it’s important to report effect sizes; How to define replication; Statistical power and how it should be considered when designing a study; A basic explanation of Bayesian analysis

Paper Session 3: Experimental evidence 1
Session Chair: Dick Bierman

Aron Bijl & Dick J. Bierman
Retro-active training of rational vs. intuitive thinkers

John Palmer
Extrasensory perception, dissociation, and motor automatisms

Debra Lynne Katz & Michelle Bulgatz
Remote viewers predict the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election

Dick Bierman & Thomas Rabeyron
Can psi research sponsor itself? Simulations and results of an automated ARV-casino experiment

Serena M. Roney-Dougal, Adrian Ryan & David Luke
Follow-up study of the relationship between local geomagnetic activity and psychic awareness

Alejandro Parra & Juan Carlos Argibay
Psi and death of the person-target: An experiment with highly emotional iconic representations

Friday Evening Events

Etzel Cardeña
Special Presentation
Exploring other realities: altered states of consciousness, psi, and surrealism

Alejandro Parra
Presidential Address
Clinical parapsychology and its contribution to psi research ...or how can you cope with your fear of psi?

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Paper Session 4: Experimental evidence 2
Session Chairs: Serena M. Roney-Dougal & Mario P. Varvoglis

Mario P. Varvoglis, Peter Bancel, Djohar si Ahmed, Jean-Paul Bailly & Céline Béguian
The Sharefield: a novel approach for forced-choice GESP research

Hideyuki Kokubo, Takako Usui, Choko Shimahara, Eri Minami, Takeshi Shimizu, Osamu Takagi, Kimiko Kawano & Mikio Yamamoto
Competition and inhibition among healing ways of chakra-activating type

Gerhard A. Mayer
A remarkable photographic anomaly and the social dynamics of its interpretation

Everton de Oliveira Maraldi & Stanley Krippner
A biopsychosocial approach to creative dissociation: remarks on a case of mediumistic painting

Takeshi Shimizu, Hideyuki Kokubo & Masato Ishikawa
Decomposition using Harr wavelet for field RNG outputs: a music experiment

Jacob Glazier
Analysis of everyday mind-matter interaction narratives using the descriptive phenomenological method

Antonio Giuditta
A simple method to quantitatively determine human bioenergetics fields

Adrian Parker & Göran Brusewitz
The Gothenburg-Kings College Twin Research: Findings and prospects

Paper Session 5: Individual differences 1
Session Chair: Renaud Evrard

Alejandro Parra
The cost of being different: the relationship between paranormal experiences and positive/negative schizotypy

Renaud Evrard
From symptom to difference: “Hearing voices” as a paradigm for clinical practice with exceptional experiences

Leonardo Breno Martins & Wellington Zangari
Spontaneous anomalous experiences

Paper Session 6: Individual differences 2
Session Chair: Caroline Watt

Caroline Watt, Natalie Ashley, Jack Gillett, Megan Halewood & Rebecca Hanson
Psychological factors in precognitive dream experiences

Milan Valášek , Caroline Watt , Jenny Hutton, Rebecca Neill, Rachel Nuttall & Grace Renwick
Testing the implicit processing hypothesis of precognitive dream experience

Alejandro Parra
A phenomenological examination of premonition experiences: A survey study

Panel 1: Alterations of consciousness and psi
Chair: Etzel Cardeña

Etzel Cardeña
Hypnosis, dissociation and psi

David Luke
Psi and psychoactive substances

Serena Roney-Dougal
Meditation and psi: Research review

Saturday Evening Events

Presentation of the 2013 Parapsychological Association Awards
Alejandro Parra Moderator

Simon Thorpe
J.B. Rhine Address
Where does consciousness come from?

Sunday August 11th, 2013

Workshop 2: History of Parapsychology
Chair: Peter Mulacz

Renaud Evrard
Pierre Janet and Psychical Research: The pioneer, the repentant, and the border-guard

Everton de Oliveira Maraldi, Carlos S. Alvarado, Wellington Zangari, Fatima Regina Machado
Some contributions of Théodore Flournoy to psychical research and parapsychology

Adrian Parker
Learning from historical cases: Madame D’Ésperance

Erlendur Haraldsson
Indridi Indridason (1883–1912), the best documented Nordic medium

Peter Mulacz
Albert, Baron Schrenck-Notzing (1862–1929). Life and work

Eberhard Bauer
Fanny Moser and Sigmund Freud: Comments on psychical research and psychoanalysis in Germany

Giulio Caratelli & Maria Luisa Felici: Sándor Ferenczi
Experiences and “adventures” in the paranormal

Final Discussion

Panel 2: The contributions of Italian parapsychologists to international parapsychology
Chair: Alejandro Parra

Alejandro Parra
The Contributions of Italian parapsychologists to international parapsychology

Massimo Biondi
Parapsychology in Italy: An overview

Giulio Caratelli
Three important Italian parapsychological personalities of the Forties and Fifties of the past century

Ferdinando Bersani
The Bologna Center for Parapsychological Studies (CSP): Research between 1970 and 1985

Patrizio Tressoldi
Theoretical and experimental contribution at the level of public and private institution