The results of the 2014 PA Election are in. Much thanks to everyone who ran for election, and congratulations to our elected PA Vice President, Board Directors, and Student Representative. The change of board will take place at the close of our annual meeting in Concord, California on August 17, 2014.

Vice Presidential Election:
Christine Simmonds-Moore *
Alejandro Parra

Board of Directors Election:
Renaud Evrard *
Wim Kramer *
Fatima Regina Machado **
Alejandro Parra
Chris Roe *
David P. Rogers
Christine Simmonds-Moore *
Jesse H. Xiong

Student Representative Election:
Erika Pratte *
Michael Tremmel

* Those elected are indicated by an asterisk.
** Additional Board vacancy to replace new Vice President Christine Simmonds-Moore