The results of the 2012 PA Election are in.  Much thanks to everyone who ran for election, and congratulations to our elected and re-elected Vice President and Directors.  The change of board will take place at the close of our annual meeting in Durham, August 12, 2012.

2012 PA Election Results

Vice Presidential Election:
39 Gerd H. Hövelmann *
17 Fatima Regina Machado

Board of Directors Election:
40 Daryl Bem *
39 Jessica Utts *
38 Dean Radin *
31 James C. Carpenter *
27 Christine Simmonds-Moore
20 Fatima Regina Machado
15 Hideyuki Kokubo
13 Pamela Rae Heath

Student Representative Election:
5 Nangare Chetak *
4 Jack Hunter

* Those elected are indicated by an asterisk.