Volume 3, Issue 2 of Mindfield: The Bulletin of Parapsychological Association has just been released to PA members, affiliates, and students at www.parapsych.org.  Under the editorship of Etzel Cardeña, the bulletin features theoretical, research, and historical articles along with regular columns by the PA president, and news in the field of parapsychology.

This issue features an article by Lance Storm titled The Ups and Downs of Meta-Analysis: Reviews of Storm et al. (2010) and Hyman (2010). Later in the issue, Alejandro Parra discusses the work of the Institute of Paranormal Psychology in Argentina. Readers will also find an autobiography of William Braude's career as a writer, educator, researcher, and scholar, and a memorial to the life and work of Bernard Grad.  A bibliography of Old Introductions to Psychical Research is provided by Carlos Alvarado (with links to free online sources), and Gerd Hövelmann continues Part VI of his bibliography of Articles Relevant to Parapsychology in Journals of Various Fields.

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