Throughout history there have been many reports of spectacular events, such as individuals levitating, holy people materializing objects out of thin air, and people who are able to move, bend or break objects without touching them. Unfortunately, in most cases individuals who make such claims hope to capitalize on their "abilities." Because the potential for fraud is high, and it is relatively easy to create convincing effects that closely mimic paranormal ones (with conjuring techniques), trustworthy evidence for such large-scale effects is very poor. There are a few cases of apparently genuine movement of small objects and in those cases where spoon-bending is apparently MMI-mediated have melted layers on electron microscopy, instead of fractured ones that one sees when force is used. However, in general the existence of large-scale MMI seems to be limited to a few poltergeist cases, and remains open to serious question even within the parapsychological community.

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