Atlantic University offers an online and distance education accredited Masters Degree Program in Transpersonal Studies that includes a number of courses relevant to parapsychology including “Principles of Parapsychology” currently taught by Loyd Auerbach. Faculty members, Doug Richards and Loyd Auerbach  are available to mentor a parapsychology-focused Culminating Project. For more information:

The Holmes Institute offers many of the same distant learning courses as the University of Philosophical Research (see below). This institute is accredited by Distance Education and Training Council and offers a distant learning masters degree for students planning for a career in the ministry of the United Church of Religious Science. Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, teaches the Psi Research course for the Holmes Institute. Messages of inquiry sent through the university's website will be forwarded to Dr. Mishlove if the sender so specifies.

Saybrook Graduate School offers nonā€residential, accredited Masters and PhD programs allowing students to design their own degree in psychology with an emphasis on parapsychology. Stanley Krippner and Dean Radin can supervise research in parapsychological topics. For more information:

University of Edinburgh - Dr. Caroline Watt offers an introductory online course on parapsychology. It is a non-accredited course, so there is no formal assessment or qualification gained, though regular participation is expected for award of the certificate. The programme consists of a 'familiarisation' week, followed by ten weekly modules covering key topics in parapsychology. The course aims to provide a balanced approach and stimulate critical thinking on each topic. It includes contributions from leading parapsychologists and critics, including Prof James Alcock, Prof Stephen Braude, Prof Chris French, Prof Harald Walach, Dr Dean Radin, Prof Jessica Utts, Prof Richard Wiseman.

University of Philosophical Research (UPR) offers distant learning masters degrees in Consciousness Studies and in Transformational Psychology. These programs are accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council . Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, who is Dean of Programs in Transformational Psychology, teaches a course in Psi Research and also supervisors theses for the masters degree. Messages of inquiry sent through the university's website will be forwarded to Dr. Mishlove if the sender so specifies.