Gothenburg: The University of Gothenburg offers a doctoral program that is mainly a dissertation (there is course work but this is in the general area of methodology, research design, and statistics, with a few additional courses, that reflect the candidate's area of interest). Parapsychologist Adrian Parker offers doctoral supervision in the areas of altered states and parapsychology. For more information:

Lund: The Center for Research on Consciousness and Anomalous Psychology (CERCAP) at Lund University, consists of a group of researchers and associates dedicated to the scientific study of unusual (but  not necessarily pathological) experiences and events, including parapsychological phenomena. CERCAP's aim is to continue developing multidisciplinary, national, and international collaborations, and train undergraduate and graduate students in a supportive environment. Currently there is an advanced undergraduate course on Altered States of Consciousness and Parapsychology, supervision of undergraduate and MA theses, and doctoral study possibilities for exceptional students wanting to work under the supervision of Etzel Cardeña on the themes of CERCAP. Knowledge of Swedish is not necessary for doctoral studies. For more information: