Bristol:  At the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, there is the opportunity to study anomalous experiences and parapsychology as part of the third year modules on The Psychology of Consciousness and The Psychology of Religion. In addition there is provision to specialize in parapsychology or anomalous experiences as a topic of research in the final year dissertation module, with: Dr Guy Saunders (consciousness and altered states), Dr Jenny Parker (sleep‐related anomalies), Dr Chris Alford (the physiology of altered states) or Dr Nicola Holt (parapsychology, belief in the paranormal and anomalous experiences). For more information:

Cardiff: Dr. Ian Hume has recently developed an undergraduate final year module on consciousness at the Cardiff Metropolitan University. This module includes ESP, PK and Survival. Contact Dr. Hume at

Derby: Derby: Dr Ian Baker, Dr Ben Roberts and Malcolm Schofield at the University of Derby teach a second‐year module on Anomalistic Psychology & Parapsychology on its B.Sc Psychology degree program. There is also the possibility of conducting a Ph.D in Psychology, supervised by one of the members of the Psychology of Paranormal Phenomena Research Group.

Edinburgh: The Koestler Parapsychology Unit, which is part of the Psychology Department at the University of Edinburgh, grants a PhD in psychology specializing in parapsychology and supervised either by Dr Caroline Watt or Dr Peter Lamont who are both senior lecturers. They also both teach 10-credit final year undergraduate options in History of Unorthodox Psychology (Dr Lamont) and Parapsychology (Dr Watt), and supervise final year dissertations on parapsychological topics. Dr Watt also runs a non-accredited online introductory parapsychology course, for which students are awarded a certificate from the University of Edinburgh on successful completion. For more information visit the Koestler Parapsychology Unit website.

Greenwich: Dr. David Luke ( teaches a 13-week 15 credit 3rd-year option at the University of Greenwich on the BSc Psychology programme on Parapsychology, Transpersonal Psychology and Anomalistic Psychology and can supervise BSc, MSc and PhD research projects in parapsychology and transpersonal psychology with particular emphasis on psychedelics and altered states of consciousness. For more information:‐counselling

Hertfordshire: Psychologist Prof. Richard Wiseman supervises psychology Ph.D. students in issues in parapsychology at the University of Hertfordshire. For more information:

Lancaster, UK: Within the School of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University opportunities exist for self‐funded candidates to complete Ph.D. study of a variety of anomalous experiences using a range of qualitative methods. Examples include anomalous experiences related to the end‐of‐life, the adaptive value of hearing voices, out‐of‐body and near‐death experiences. For more information contact Dr. Craig Murray:

London: At Goldsmith at the University of London, Professor Chris French teaches a final year option on Anomalistic Psychology as part of a BSc (Hons) Psychology program and supervises MPhil/PhD students carrying out postgraduate research in this area. For more information:

Manchester: The Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Psychology Department offers accredited undergraduate degrees in psychology; these include the opportunity to study anomalous/parapsychology in the final year (via taught unit and dissertation supervision). Staff (Kenneth Drinkwater and Dr Neil Dagnall) possess expertise and interest in the paranormal and enjoy supervising MSc and PhD projects in these areas (quantitative and qualitative). The Psychology Department also has an active Parapsychological Society. For more information, please contact:

NorthamptonAt the University of Northampton, the Psychology Division offers fully accredited undergraduate degrees in psychology that can include a parapsychology component, including a final year Honours module on parapsychology and the psychology of anomalous experience. Northampton also offers a Master's programme that includes Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies. A number of staff (Prof. Chris Roe, Dr Eilzabeth Roxburgh, Dr Alasdair Gordon-Finlayson, Dr Lesley-Ann Smith) have specialist research interests in parapsychology and transpersonal psychology, and would be willing to supervise PhD projects in these areas if appropriate. The Psychology Division also houses the Centre for the Study of Anomalous Psychological Processes (CSAPP), which encompasses research in parapsychology and transpersonal psychology topics.

York: Prof. Robin Wooffitt at the University of York offers MPhil/PhD supervision on research on topics that suggest anomalous psychological processes and exceptional states of consciousness. He has expertise in the relationship between discourse, communication and anomalous phenomena, including the laboratory study of parapsychological processes. He is currently researching ostensibly anomalous communication in everyday talk and in contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapy.