Richard Broughton is the recepient of the 2011 Outstanding Career Award.  In his own words:

"It was an article by Larry LeShan in an obscure journal called Main Currents in Modern Thought that propelled me toward parapsychology. I always had an interest in what then might have been termed the “higher powers of the mind,” but this precursor to his book The Medium, the Mystic and the Physicist, convinced me that these abilities could be studied by science and that meant that perhaps someone could figure out how it all worked.  That led to a PhD in psychology at the University of Edinburgh where I had the privilege of studying under John Beloff.  A post-doc at the University of Utrecht and a couple of years studying visual perception at the State University of NY intervened before I joined the FRNM (now the Rhine Research Center) in Durham, NC. After about 20 years of trying to keep the Rhine legacy alive my wife and I decamped back to the UK where I am happily ensconced in an active parapsychology group at The University of Northampton and belatedly paying my academic dues trying to get undergraduates to like research methods and statistics, arguably a paranormal feat. And 40 years after reading Larry’s article I am still trying to figure out how it all works."