The winner of the 2013 PA Outstanding Contribution Award is Patrizio E. Tressoldi.  This yearly award is given to a PA Professional or Associate Member who has made an outstanding research or service contribution that has advanced the discipline of parapsychology.

Patrizio E. Tressoldi earned his Dottore di Ricerca (PhD) in Psychology at Padova University, Italy in 1988.  He is currently full time Researcher at the Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale of Padova University, Italy and Member of the Scuola di Dottorato in Psicologia (Psychology PhD School) of Università di Padova, Italy.

His research experience started in the field of human experimental neuropsychology extended in the field of learning disabilities. At present his main research interests are devoted to the cognitive and physiological characteristics of nonlocal mind functions in collaboration with Julia Mossbridge, Northwestern University, USA, Lance Storm, University of Adelaide, Australia; Jessica Utts, UC at Irvine, USA; Dean Radin, Noetic Institute, Petaluna, CA, USA; Daryl Bem, Cornell University, USA.

Furthermore he is interested in the modelling of nonlocal properties of human mind within a quantum-like paradigm in collaboration with Andrei Khrennikov, Linnaeus University, Sweden and Marco Genovese, INRIM, Torino, Italy.

He is also involved in the reform of statistical practices in collaboration with Geoff Cumming, La Trobe University, Australia and in the epistemological debate about the contribution of the study of neural correlates of human cognitive functions in collaboration with prof. Carlo Umiltà Emeritus of the Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale of Padova University, Italy and prof. Max Coltheart, Emeritus at the Department of Cognitive Science of Macquerie University, Australia.

Congratulations, Dr. Tressoldi! Additional information about the PA's annual awards can be found at: