Renaud Evrard is a clinical psychologist working in adult psychiatry, and a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Rouen, France, with a thesis on “clinical differential practice with exceptional experiences”.

He's a member of the Student group of the Institut Métapsychique International, Paris  since 2004, and is also a student associate with the Parapsychological Association (Student co-representative in 2010), the Society for Psychical Research, the Society for Scientific Exploration, and the Gesellschaft fur Anomalistik. His main interests are on clinical, historical and theoretical aspects of parapsychology.

He received several grants and prizes for his work, among them the 2008 Eileen Garrett scholarship (Parapsychology Foundation) and the 2009 Schmeidler Outstanding Student Award (Parapsychological Association). He co-founded in 2009 the Center for Information, Research and Counselling on Exceptional Experiences. Since 2010, he developed with Nikolaos Koumartzis the project World of Parapsychology, to improve interactions between researchers in parapsychology all around the world.