Welcome to Fanehallen Artilleriloftet

Fanehallen Artilleriloftet is a unique and historic venue located in the heart of Oslo, Norway. Fanehallen is a part of the Armed Forces Museum, situated in the iconic Akershus Fortress, a historic landmark that showcases the military evolution of Norway from the Viking age to the present day. The museum's collection includes a variety of artifacts, including weaponry, uniforms, and vehicles, making it a fascinating destination for anyone interested in military history.

Akershus Fortess is a great place to get acquainted with the history of Oslo, or simply go for a stroll in picturesque historic surroundings. It's in close vicinity to other major sights in Oslo, such as the Oslo City Hall, the Nobel Peace Centre and the historic Kvadraturen area.

Fanehallen is a versatile venue that has hosted a wide range of events, from concerts to conferences to private parties. The building itself is full of character, with a unique ambiance that is sure to make this PA Convention memorable, as it's fully equipped with modern amenities while still maintaining its original architecture and charm.

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