PA Presidential Address History

Year President Presidential Address
1958 Robert A. McConnell Scaled Measurement in Psi Research
1959 Gertrude R. Schmeidler Exploring the Parameters of Research Variables
1960 J. Gaither Pratt Taking Stock in Parapsychology
1961 Karlis Osis ESP in the Laboratory: Its Integration and Activation
1962 Margaret Anderson The Relations of Psi to Creativity
1963 Carroll B. Nash Physical and Metaphysical Parapsychology
1964 William G. Roll The Psi Field
1965 K. Ramakrishna Rao The Bidirectionality of Psi
1966 Montague Ullman A Nocturnal Approach to Psi
1967 E. Douglas Dean Parapsychology and Dr. Einstein
1968 Ian Stevenson The Substantiability of Spontaneous Cases
1969 Hans Bender New Developments in Poltergeist Research
1970 Robert Van de Castle Psi Abilities in Primitive Groups
1971 Gertrude Schmeidler Parapsychologists’ Opinion About Parapsychology
1972 John Beloff Belief and Doubt
1973 Rex G. Stanford Concept and Psi
1974 Robert L. Morris Tacit Communication and Experimental Theology
1975 Charles Honorton Has Science Developed the Competence to Confront Claims of the Paranormal?
1976 Martin Johnson Problems, Challenges and Promises
1977 Charles T. Tart Space, Time and Mind
1978 K. Ramakrishna Rao Psi: Its Place in Nature
1979 John Palmer Parapsychology as a Probabilistic Science: Facing the Implications
1980 Ian Stevenson Can We Describe the Mind?
1981 Irvin Child Parapsychology and Psychology
1982 John Beloff Three Open Questions
1983 Stanley Krippner A Systems Approach to Psi Research Based on Jungian Typology
1984 Rhea A. White The Spontaneous, the Imaginal, and Psi: Foundations for a Depth Psychology
1985 Robert L. Morris The Social Context of Psi
1986 Debra H. Wiener Thoughts on the Role of Meaning in Psi Research
1987 Richard S. Broughton If You Want to Know How it Works, First Find Out What It’s For
1988 Dean Radin The Tao of Psi
1989 Hoyt Edge Psi, Self, and the New Mentalism
1990 K. Ramakrishna Rao  Heretical Psychology: ON the Scope and Substance of Psychical Research
1991 Stephen E. Braude Psi and the Nature of Abilities
1992 John Palmer  From Survival to Transcendence: Reflections on Psi as Anomalous
1993 Dean Radin Psi Hits and Psi Myths
1994 Deborah L. Delanoy Unity and Divisions within the Parapsychological Association
1995 Carlos S. Alvarado The Place of Spontaneous Cases in Parapsychology
1996 Richard S. Broughton Where Were You When Parapsychology Became a Science?
1997 none none
1998 Edwin C. May no title available
1999 Dean Radin What’s Ahead
2000 Marilyn J. Schlitz Boundless Mind: Coming of Age in Parapsychology
2001 Nancy L. Zingrone Controversy and the Problems of Parapsychology
2002 Mario P. Varvoglis Scientists, Shamans, and Sages: Gazing Through Six Hats
2003 Carlos S. Alvarado Reflections on Being a Parapsychologist
2004 Nancy L. Zingrone Complicating the Conversation: Rhetoric, Substance, and Controversy in Parapsychology
2005 Caroline Watt Parapsychology’s Contribution to Psychology: A View from the Frontline
2006 Dean Radin Entangled Minds
2007 Rex G. Stanford Finding Our Way: Some Thoughts on Advancing Parapsychology as a Science
2008 Roger D. Nelson Mind Matters: A New Scientific Era
2009 Etzel Cardeña  The Possible Future of Parapsychology With Some Help from
 Regression to the Hypnotic Past 
2010 David Luke Connecting, diverging and reconnecting. Putting the psi back into
psychedelic research
2011 David Luke Experiential reclamation and first person parapsychology   
2012 Alejandro Parra What Have We Learned about Psi: Reflections on the Present State of Parapsychology
2013 Alejandro Parra  Clinical parapsychology and its contribution
to psi research...or how can you cope with your fear of psi? 
2014 James C. Carpenter  
2015 James C. Carpenter Psi is not a psychological anomaly
2016 Chris A. Roe As it Occurred to Me: Lessons Learned in Researching Parapsychological Claims
2017 Chris A. Roe Withering Skepticism: Inclusive Criticism, or Hackneyed Mantras and Extraordinary Standards [Part I] & [Part II]
2018 Dean I. Radin The Future of "parapsychology": Magic & Psi
2019 Dean I. Radin Making Sense of Psi
2020 Renaud Evrard Ecology: Parapsychology’s Next Challenge
2021 Renaud Evrard "Everybody Knows Parapsychology Is Not a Real Science"