The Ora Domus La Quercia hotel will be the site of the 2013 PA convetion.  It is the former convent of the Sanctuary of Saint Maria della Quercia on the Via Francigena, a major route leading to Rome from Canterbury which was historically used by thousands of pilgrims on their way to Rome. Constructed between 1470 and 1525, the hotel still maintains its Renaissance elegance and is steeped in local history.

PA convention attendees will receive a special rate per night that includes an overnight stay, a buffet breakfast, a buffet lunch (appetizer, first course, salad buffet, dessert, fresh fruit, mineral water and wine included), and dinner (main course, second course, salads, dessert, mineral water and wine).  Room types and prices for this arrangment are described below:

Single room - 80€ per night/per person
Double room - 70€ per night/per person
Triple room - 65€ per night/per person
Quadruple room -  60€ per night/person

Convention participants should book their room at the hotel by calling (+39) 076133731 or by writing to