Traveling from Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro to Curitiba


Flights From Rio de Janeiro to Curitiba
From: Aeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro Galeao to Curitiba ( Afonso Pena)
Distance: 810Km, 60-70 min

Flights From Sao Paulo/Guarulhos to Curitiba
From: Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos-Sao Paulo to Curitiba (Afonso Pena)
Distance: 410 Km, 40-45min

You will probably spare much effort, time and money by flying in Brazil, provided that you book 2-3 months in advance. There are 5 to 10 flights daily for around 180 reais (US$ 110) round trip. Sao Paulo is usually the best travel flight connection to almost all places in Brazil. Webjet offers good discounts on tickets. Rapi10 compares prices of different companies allowing to choose the best one, it also shows good offers.  Other airlines include Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras, Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes and TAM.


From Sao Paulo Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos/Sao Paulo to Rodoviaria do Tiete (bus station)
Airport Bus Service: R$ 24,00 ( 14,40 USD)*
Ticket to Curitiba: Gold Bus R$ 110,00 (66,00 USD)* normal Bus R$ 80,00 (48,00 USD)*
Duration: 7hrs

From Sao Paulo one may take the bus. Wherever you land you will take the airport bus service to the city bus station. There one can find easily conections to Curitiba, since it is also a main destination from Sao Paulo. At the Sao Paulo bus station there is a bus every hour starting at 6:00, till 21:00. Then every 10 minutes till 0:20, when they stop. The estimated time is about 6-7 hours, and the prices vary from 50 to 100 reais (US$ 30-60), depending on the comfort.  The convention committee recommends taking the Itapemirim, as the Cometa line is very uncomfortable.  When stopping for lunch or dinner, be sure you know your bus number.

From Rio Aeroporto Internacional de Galeao to Rodoviaria Novo Rio (bus station):
By Car/taxi: Around R$ 35,00 (21,00 USD)*
Ticket to Curitiba: R$ 140,00 normal Bus( 84,00 USD)*
Duration: 13hrs

From the Rio bus station, travel to Curitiba will be a bit more complicated since there are less direct lines to Curitiba. They depart usually at night and take 13 hours to Curitiba. The cost is around 120 reais (US$ 70). This option is not recommended by the Convention Committe because of its length and difficulty.

Traveling from the Airport Afonso Pena to Downtown Curitiba (and hotels)


The Aeroporto Executivo is the first regular bus line with special minibuses that connects the Afonso Pena International Airport in São José dos Pinhais, to downtown Curitiba. You will drive by several hotels and important areas of the city, where you may get on or off the bus at anytime you wish throughout the route with maximum convenience and safety. Departures every 20 minutes, from 6am to 11:30pm. Fees R$ 8,00 ($4.73 USD)

Del Rey Hotel - Stop: BIBLIOTECA PUBLICA ( 5 min. walk )
Roma Hostel – Stop: ESTACAO (3-5 min. walk)


Rádio Táxi Faixa Vermelha If required, bilingual service (Táxi Executivo) can be scheduled beforehand via e-mail, telephone or fax.
Telephones: (055) (0xx41) 3363 0200 - (055) (0xx41) 3233 2000 - (055) (0xx41) 3362 0022 with Denise or Adriane.
Fax: (055) (0xx41) 3362-0022
Around R$ 80,00 = 48,00 USD *

Normal taxi service (Táxi convencional)
Telephone 0800 - 414141 ou (055) (0xx41) 3362-6262
Normal Taxi Around: R$ 70,00 = 42,33 USD *

Note: As with many major cities, taxi drivers cannot always be trusted. They might start the counter and drive all around but the place you want to go. Before taking a taxi, ask how much it usually costs to the spot you are going, and make sure that the final cost on the counter is near to the agreed one. 

Traveling from the Hotel Del Rey or Roma Hostel to the Convention (Facinter)

Hotel Del Rey to Facinter: Distance from the event: 91 m. (2 min. walk)

Roma Hostel to Facinter: Distance from the event: 1.8 kilometers (20-30min walk)
By taxi: 10-15 minutes , around R$ 10,00 – 13,00 ($5.90 – $7.80 USD)*
By Bus: Tube (2min walk from the hostel) Biarticulado(bus) Centenario/Campo Comprido, Stop: Praca Osorio – 15min + 5min walk. R$ 2,50 USD ($1.49 USD).