Journal of Parapsychology Volume 82 Supplement 2018

This free special issue celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Journal of Parapsychology (JP)  gives a bird’s eye view of the coverage of this esteemed publication since its first issue in 1937. Starting with two new papers written for the issue by John Palmer and Carlos Alvarado, this commemorative publication features one historical JP article per decade covering most of the main areas of the field.

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Full Issue
Journal of Parapsychology Volume 82, Supplement

Four Score (Plus) Years Ago
Etzel Cardeña

80 Years of the Journal of Parapsychology: An Historical Overview
John Palmer

Eight Decades of Psi Research: Highlights in the Journal of Parapsychology
Carlos S. Alvarado

Some Basic Experiments in Extra-sensory Perception: A Background
Joseph Banks Rhine

Spontaneous Telepathy and the Problem of Survival
Gardner Murphy

Subjective Forms of Spontaneous Psi Experiences
Louisa E. Rhine

Precognition of a Quantum Process
Helmut Schmidt

Studying Individual Psi Experiences
Gertrude R. Schmeidler

A Joint Communiqué: The Psi Ganzfeld Controversy
Ray Hyman and Charles Honorton

An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning
Jessica Utts

Mind Matters: A New Scientific Era
Roger D. Nelson