The Mindfield Team asked several theoreticians of parapsychology to briefly respond to a common-structured interview, asking them about the foundations and applications of their models. Using this structure, Mindfield readers are presented with summaries of these complex ideas in a manner in which it is possible to compare the various models. Because of the overwhelming response of these theoreticians, these submissions were split into two issues. This issue focuses mainly on physical theories of psi presented by Sonali Bhatt Marwaha, D.P. Sheehan & P.C. Cyrus, Dick Bierman, and Walter von Lucadou.  The next issue will present psychological theories.

Also in this issue, Patrizio Tressoldi & Luciano Pederzoli present a summary of “mental technologies” based on the current state of scientific evidence for psi, delineating the applications in which they can be used. A closing bibliography complied by Maurice van Luijtelaar and Renaud Evrard pays tribute to the persistent appearance of titles on subjects related to parapsychology in well-established mainstream journals.

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