This issue of Mindfield is dedicated to the extraordinary three generations of Garrett-Coly women and their long support of parapsychology through the Parapsychology Foundation. Carlos Alvarado and Nancy Zingrone offer a comprehensive semblance of Eileen Coly, and various other writers reflection her personality and her contributions to the field.

Also in this issue, we present the Reflections of Robert Van de Castle, Jeffrey Mishlove authors a tribute to Colin Wilson, and Jon Taylor summarizes his paper  presented at the PA convention in Viterbo, Italy titled The Nature of Precognition. Roger Nelson discusses the implications of the Global Consciousness Project, Maria Luisa Felici and Giulio Caratelli summarize recent issues of  Il Mondo del Paranormale, and Gerd Hövelmann presents the 16th installment of his bibliography, Articles Relevant to Parapsychology in Journals of Various Fields.

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