65th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association

August 3-6, 2023 Fanehallen (The Banner Hall) Oslo, Norway

Program Chair: Jacob W. Glazier
Arrangements Chair: Jon Mannsåker

2023 Final Program

Time Event Participants / Title

Thursday, August 3, 2023

18:00 - 20:00  Gathering Reception The Dubliner, Rådhusgata 28, 0151 Oslo
Friday, August 4, 2023
9:00 Welcome and Opening Announcements Jacob W. Glazier & Jon Mannsåker

Paper Session 1: Death, Grief, & Mental Health

Steve Taylor: Measuring “Enlightenment”: The Development of an Inventory of Secular/Spiritual Wakefulness
9:30 Session Chair: Chris Roe  Adrian Parker & Annekatrin Puhle: Prolonged Recalled Experiences of Death: “Being Alive When You are Cold and Dead”
9:45   Wolfgang Fach: Research with the Questionnaire on the Phenomenology of Exceptional Experiences (ExE): From PAgE-R to PExE-II
10:15   Annette Zwickel: Are Phenomena that Constitute Exceptional Experiences (ExE) Subclinical Symptoms of a Psychosis Continuum?
10:45 Coffee Break -

Paper Session 2: Sensory Deprivation, Priming, & Forced-Choice Tests

Abby L. Pooley, Caroline Watt, Aja L. Murray, & Umberto Noé: Specification Curve Multiverse Meta-Analysis of the Psi Ganzfeld
11:30 Session Chair: Caroline Watt Mareike Wilson, Marc Wittmann, & Jürgen Kornmeier: Testing for Behavioral and EEG Correlates of Forward and Backward Priming
11:45   Peter A. Bancel: Detecting Psi-Missing in Forced-Choice Data
12:30 Lunch at Artilleriloftet -

Paper Session 3: Mediumship, Interconnection, & Survival

Mateus Martinez, Donna Thomas, Wellington Zangari, & Chris Roe: Unusual Experiences of the Survival Type in Brazilian and British Children: Research in Progress
14:15 Session Chair: Helané Wahbeh  Siri K. Zemel & Helané Wahbeh: Ethical Readiness and Professionalization Among Mediums and Channelers in the United States
14:45   Lenore E. Matthew: Unexpected Mediumship Awakenings After the Loss of a Loved One: Experiences
15:15 Coffee Break -

Invited Speaker 

Session Chair: Jacob W. Glazier

Christine Simmonds-Moore: Traversing Boundaries and Accessing the Invisible
18:00 Dinner Break -
19:30 Presidential Address

Jacob W. Glazier: Introducing the PA President

Helané Wahbeh: PA Awards Presentation & 2023 PA Presidential Address

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Paper Session 4: Belief & Individual Differences

Glenn Hitchman, Adam Rock, & Chris A. Roe: Individual Difference Factors Affecting ESP Performance following Ganzfeld Stimulation: A Meta-Analysis
9:30 Session Chair: Peter Bancel Elizabeth C. Roxburgh, David Vernon, Malcolm B. Schofield, & Tammy Dempster: An Online Survey Investigating Sensory Processing Sensitivity, Transliminality, and Boundary-Thinness as Predictors of Anomalous Experience, Belief and Ability
10:00   David Vernon, Elizabeth C. Roxburgh, & Malcolm B. Schofield: Exploring the Relationship between Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) and Dream Precognition
10:15 Coffee Break -

Paper Session 5: Measuring Extra Sensory Perception 

Helané Wahbeh, Cedric Cannard, Dean Radin, & Arnaud Delorme: Who’s Calling? Evaluating the Accuracy of Guessing Who is on the Phone
11:00 Session Chair: Elizabeth C. Roxburgh Christine Simmonds-Moore: A Pilot Self-Study Exploring the Influence of Fractals on Clairvoyance
12:30 Lunch at Artilleriloftet -

Paper Session 6: Narratives, Language & Critical Approaches

Jacob W. Glazier & David S. B. Mitchell: Paranormal Folklore in Western Georgia: A Critical Narrative Investigation
14:45 Session Chair: Ramsés D'León  Taylor N. Robinson: Psychiatry and the Colonization of Spiritual Possession
15:00   Felicity A. Woodhouse, Jenny L. Hallam, & Malcolm B. Schofield: Uncanny: A Discursive Psychological Analysis of Scientific Presentation in Paranormal Media
15:30 Group Photo  
16:00 Coffee Break -

Paper Session 7: Belief & Individual Differences, Part 2

Chris A. Roe: A Representative Sample Survey of Paranormal Beliefs and Experiences
17:15 Session Chair: Christine Simmonds-Moore  Kelly A. Curtis: Effects of Exposure to Death and Dying on Belief Systems
17:30   Michael J. Daw, Chris Roe, & Callum E. Cooper: Vegetarians and Meat Eaters: Testing Relative Performance in a Precognitive Ganzfeld Remote Viewing Task
18:00 Break -
19:30 Banquet at Artilleriloftet -
20:30 J. B. Rhine Address

Helané Wahbeh: Introducing the J. B. Rhine Speaker

Terje Toftenes: The Day Before the Paradigm-Shift

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Paper Session 8: Technology & Innovative Approaches

Peter A. Bancel: Psi@Home: A Platform for Collaborative Psi Research
9:30 Session Chair: Gerhard Mayer  Claire Murphy-Morgan & Lesley-Ann Smith: Assessing Public Perspectives of Parapsychology through Facebook: A Discourse Analysis utilizing Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement
9:45   Tabatha A. Smith: Information for Student Members of the Parapsychological Association
10:00   Eric Dullin, David Jamet, & Steeven Frosio Roncalli: Macro-PK Experiments: Level of Control - Repeatability - Distance Effects - Confinement Effect
10:30 Coffee Break -

Paper Session 9: Magic, Spirituality, & Connection

Gerhard Mayer: Magic and Its Evaluation – Reports and Views of Practitioners
11:30 Session Chair: David Vernon  Christine Simmonds-Moore, David Mitchell, Georgia Crowe, Daisy Rowser-Grier, & Tabatha Smith: Testing for Individual Differences in Anomalous Interactions with Objects (Psychometry)
11:45   Glenn Hitchman, Chris A. Roe, & Deborah Patton: Revisiting Sheldrake’s Theory of Morphic Resonance
12:15 Closing Acknowledgements & Announcements Jacob W. Glazier & Jon Mannsåker
12:45 Lunch at Artilleriloftet -
14:00 PA Annual General Meeting -