JB Rhine Banquet Speaker

Terje Toftenes

The Day Before the

Summary: We now see it from so many sources in parapsychology, quantum mechanics, new biology, cognitive sciences, etc., that there is good evidence for the existence of a deeper level of reality than the material. Everything points to it, but mainstream science is still reluctant because it will turn so much upside down. Are we now approaching a tipping point for this new understanding—the monumental paradigm shift—and how will it affect both science and our society?

Biography: Terje Toftenes (1950) is a Norwegian film producer, podcaster, and lecturer with over 40 years of experience. He has won multiple awards for his documentaries in the United States, and his interests include paranormal phenomena, new science within quantum physics, consciousness, and quantum biology. Terje has produced numerous documentaries such as The Creative Play of Consciousness, Living HealthThe Day before DisclosureThe Hessdalen Light Phenomena, and Free from Cancer. Today, Terje focuses on his podcast and lecturing on his areas of interest.


Main Menu

  • Raw marinated salmon with grilled sesame seeds, mango and ponzu sauce
  • Leg of duck confit, potato cream with celery and red wine truffle sauce
  • Fanehallen Bailey’s pannacotta served with finger biscuit

Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten-Free Menu

  • Carpaccio of beetroot with (honey), toasted nuts and salsa verde flavored with apricot
  • Baked aubergine with potato cream, kale, baked cherry tomatoes served with sesame soy sauce
  • Fanehallen's coconut panna cotta served with berries and passion fruit sauce


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