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Steve Snead

Location: Northport, Alabama, United States of America

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55 year old public health social worker in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Raised in the church as we say in the south. My dogma got ran over by my life experience. I have some possible past life memories and have had some lucid dreams over the years that "could" point to the possibilty of reincarnation. Just not sure. I enjoy the ufo mythos and I enjoy talking about classic rock, Stephen King novels and Alabama football. Also, Atlanta Braves baseball. I am married and have a young son of 9 years old that we had later in life. I describe myself as a liberal Christian but my only true religion is to Do unto others as you would have done unto you.  I am left of Rush Limbaugh and right of Ted Kennedy.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

View stevesnead's profile stevesnead commented on Common criticisms about parapsychology.
I notice that some folks who do believe in the existence of PSI are actually more open minded than some skeptics. I see where Alex Tsakiris and others will talk and have skeptics on their programs. But, the opposite is rarely if ever done. I agree a ... more
View stevesnead's profile stevesnead commented on What is not parapsychology?.
I am so glad to hear this. I have a real interest in reincarnation. But, the silly stuff with bigfoot and space brothers can veer into the new age realm and it can get silly quickly. That doesn't mean there is no legitimate discussion of U.F.O's or that ... more
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