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sarah lewis

Location: NSW, Australia

About Me

She is a full time writer of a beauty magazine that share tips and stories of real people about cosmetics. This magazine also recognized experts in this field and also gives some insights of the beauty world. IN the latest edition of the magazine, she tackles about Anti Wrinkle Treatment and how these wrinkles affect our daily lives. According to her, wrinkles makes us look old than our age. Factors like sun exposure, pollution and stress could cause these lines. They also make us look depressed, upset or sad. This is the reason why many doctors approved of this treatment, because in the world where appearance is important looking old would be a huge advantage.

Another relate topic she tackles is about Face Lift. Cow’s feet, deep folds, frown lines, jowls under the chin and droop eyebrows are just some of the signs that you need this treatment. According to her, lifestyle also affects the speeding of visibility of aging. However, this treatments does not stop the aging process, they will just make you more youthful than your age. Like she always says to their readers - healthy diet, exercise and also positive vibes contribute in making us look and feel younger. For her, choosing also the best surgeon would make the operation a success.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

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